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Quick Bingo Special Tickets are an easy and effective way to play for fast cash and fun. Bingo halls provide these as "floor specials" during breaks and in-between regular bingo playing for extra cash winnings. Centers, clubs, bus trips, bars, parties, company picnics and events are also a perfect time to entertain and offer "winning pots" (similar to a raffle) to large groups, while having fun. Every game offers a guaranteed chance to win, so play as many games as desired.


Fundraising? This is also a popular and quick way to raise money for your organization or cause. Donors will have the chance to participate in the enjoyment of giving, while winning. Holding regular fundraising events will be quick and easy.

Easy and fun
Immediate winnings and payouts
Every game has a winner
No skills necessary
Profit and non-profit


Quick Bingo comes in varieties of different packs with quantities ranging from 180 to 200 sealed tickets. Each ticket is $1 to play. Each event/establishment sets its winning pot amount for each game played.
Example: 100 tickets sold is $100 collected, if the payout is determined at $50 to the winning bingo card holder, then the event/establishment profits $50. *events/establishments decide ALL winnings.

All you need is Quick Bingo Special Tickets,
Bingo Cage or Blower and/or a deck of Bingo Calling Cards to select bingo numbers to be called aloud. And a designated person of choice for your event/establishment to be the "bingo caller!"

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Bingo Calling Cards
Our Price: $3.25

Alternative to bingo calling. Without the use of bingo balls.
Bingo Calling Cards
Our Price: $3.25

Alternative to bingo calling. Without the use of bingo balls.
"Money Train" Quick Bingo Special Tickets
Our Price: $10.00

180 count
"Bird Brain" Quick Bingo Special Tickets
Our Price: $10.00

180 count
"Rounds Big Chips" Quick Bingo Special Tickets
Our Price: $10.00

198 count
"Long Neck" Quick Bingo Special Tickets
Our Price: $10.00

200 count
Small Bingo Cage
Our Price: $17.00

Complete Bingo Game Set with instructions.
5 3/4" long and 3 1/2" wide black rotary cage. 8" long and 8 1/2" wide base.
Automatic random ball selector. Numbered balls up to 75.
18 reusable bingo cards. Bingo cards are 4 3/4" long and 5 1/4" wide.
Ball holder.
Approximately 150 token card markers.
Medium Bingo Cage
Our Price: $49.00

Choice of Black rubber coated or gold brass bingo cage. 12" tall including stand. Cage itself is 9" in diameter. Includes a hard plastic masterboard, multi-colored plastic bingo balls and 18 bingo cards.
Extra Large bingo cage--RED
Our Price: $129.00

This cage measures 11" wide x 21" high. Strong and sturdy quality. It comes with the colored ping-pong-size balls, a master board to keep track of called numbers & ten quality/reusable shutter cards.
Our best seller, and you will love it too!

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